Countdown to Nationals! #1

dwp_0597(photo credit: Dave Wood Photograghy –

You see that picture? You see that emotion? The joy? The relief? The love?

Number one on our countdown is a celebration of our recent win over the Glendale Raptors.

This was big for us. We’ve played Glendale a lot. They have been great competitors over the years and brought big challenges that until this match, we had never overcome. Years of games and we had never won. And this time… we did. And it was beautiful.

It wasn’t just the “win”. A win or a loss can happen on any given saturday. It was the heart and soul, the prep and the pain, that went into that win that made it taste so sweet.

It was years in the making. Even to be on that pitch was a process that took a lot of work. Normally, we play outside the stadium, on the park turf next door. Getting to play inside the stadium took a long time, a lot of patience, and a lot of negotiations. The women of Glendale really went to bat to make this happen. When it finally did happen, it was part of a bigger thing than we expected. It was a chance to make history.

There were promo videos, there were announcers, we were on the big screen. It was a real and true event!

And we trained really hard leading into this match. We practiced, we drilled, we built not just our bodies but our WILL to WIN! 

And we won. We WON! It had never happened before, and we did it! In the rain. In the stadium. On their field. With a HUGE crowd of OUR fans there to see it! And we did it playing some of our best rugby ever. Beautiful, strong, passionate rugby! BLACK ICE RUGBY!


I can keep throwing out adjectives about how amazing it all was, but it wouldn’t do justice to emotion of the moment.

It just wouldn’t.

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