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Wooo boy! If you haven’t been keeping up with us on Facebook, you probably missed the news. Let me bring you up to speed!

First, there was the video:

What? A Black Ice / Glendale Women throw down in the Infinity Park stadium?!?! Awesome!

AND then after our game,  the Glendale Men took on the Denver Barbarians in a PRP game? And tickets for one match got you in for both? AWESOMER!

So we talked up on the Facebook, and a bit on Twitter, and Glendale did their promo stuff too…

And then the big day came. We got pumped. We trained hard. We were ready. Ready come rain or shine.

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0002

And that’s a good thing, because it RAINED. Sometimes a fine mist, sometimes we were surrounded by lightning and thunder!

The ground was soaked, the ball was slick, the effort was maximum.

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0020

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0043

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0023

For the first half of the match, we held them. Both teams were tied at zero when we stopped play for a lighting delay. When we returned to play, We scored our one and only try for the match (placed by Maddie Wilbanks), and the conversion kick (from Lin Hill) was good. We were up by 7.

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0044

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0048

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0093

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0117

A back and forth bludgeoning tore across the field. Glendale’s Rita Hill sets it down in the corner for a try! The conversion kick? No good.

Black Ice still holding the lead at 7-5!

(Are we biting our nails yet? It’s so exciting!)

The back and forth continues, as these things often do, well into extra time. Glendale pushed us back from near the try zone, to the 22, to the 50… I wont say things were looking grim, but I started to feel some nervous butterflies. And then, it happened. Lin got her hands on the ball again, she kicked to touch, and it was over!



*THE CROWD WENT WILD!* We seriously love our friends, family, and alumni who braved the weather for us! THANK YOU!

It was an AMAZING game. The rugby was beautiful. The challenge was extraordinary. The reward was sweet!

After the game, we lined up for Player of the Match. Each team had a player decided. To Glendale, that honor went to Denali Graham. For Black Ice, Micaela O’Connor (presented by the Mayor of Glendale, Mike Dunafon)

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0427

Now… as cool as that was, you might be thinking that was the end of this story, right?

So not right.

As we often do after a match, we gather under the goalposts for a team pic. Normally, its just us, but this time both teams gathered together.

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0432

Bitter rivals one minute, friends the next! But that’s rugby for ya!

After the camera flashes died down a little, Kat McLaughlin (Glendale) called out her girlfriend (Molly “Mouth” Kling) for some poignant words in front of their team mates. friends and family gathered around. And Kat got down on one knee…

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0440

and then…

Mouth said “Yes!”

2016 Rugby Black Ic vRaptors-0460



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