Countdown to Nationals! #6

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Did you know that Black Ice was started in 1991? 1991!

We are the longest running women’s rugby club in Colorado!

We’ve been around longer than many of our players (Not that I wanna make any of you alumni feel old or anything…)

So what’s my point? Well, besides the fact that 25 years is kind of a big deal all by itself, we are having a PARTY! And you know what?

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We hope you’ll join us in October as we celebrate two and a half decades of being AWESOME! So open up your closets and dig allll the way in the back. Pull out those 90’s threads, and get ready to PARTY like its 1999, cuz you guessed it… it’s a 90’s theme.

More details to come, but for now, we’ll keep the countdown light with a little inspiration for your wardrobe.


And while you’re planning your party threads, remember, Black Ice has been around for 25 years (have I mentioned that?), and we want to be around another 25! And we can do it with your support. Keep coming out to games, keep checking out our website and social media, keep telling your friends, keep throwing us a couple bucks when you can, and keep being your amazing awesome beautiful selves! Thank you for everything you do! We’ll see you on the pitch.


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