Lee Kucic


Lee Kucic

Playing rugby since: 2010

Playing with Black Ice since: 2016

Previous clubs: Glendale HS Girl’s, Swarthmore College

Interest outside rugby: Skiing

Training regimen:
At least 6 days a week I like to work out, either by running outside, biking, hiking/skiing, or (usually) by going to the gym (or going to rugby lol). Here’s what I do at the gym:

30 mins running intervals w/ jogging cool down
Arms/Back — 10x5x3 delts, lats, triceps, biceps, traps
Abs — it varies but I usually do either 25x4x3 crunches or a 5-25 ladder
Legs — 10x5x3 glutes, hip adducter (injury), quads, hams, calves
Then I steam myself because I am perpetually sickly and asthmatic, gross

Perhaps more info than you needed but now it’s in your brain anyway, sorry


-Keep up with the team physically/mentally
-Learn and properly execute attack/defense patterns
-Make 85-90% of my tackles
-Become comfortable in scrum
-Make lots of new friends! (cheesy but v. important)

-Get better at passing, esp. long passes
-Increase tricep/ham strength to improve lifting in the lineout
-Increase speed
-Get better at reading the field and finding/creating space rather than always crashing

Fun fact: I collect squirrel-themed Christmas ornaments. Right now I have about 120. Yikes.